Fashion: the art of delivering fantasy

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Hi all,

it’s Monday today, time to reconnect and set new goals for the upcoming week.

Let’s think about what our work in fashion is really about. We are not just sketching a bunch of new stuff and making them.

There is more to it.

There is a story behind that inspired you. Maybe you were at a crossroads of your life and you had decisions to make while at the same time, a small colorful butterfly flew by. So gentle and so bright, spreading its lightness all around you. It inspired you a new collection of fresh designs.

Then it involved actual people. Breathing. Thinking. Crafters stitching the fabric together with love and lots of good intentions behind.

All that, to deliver it to your customer and feel the joy warm up your heart when you see your customers’ eyes sparkle when they receive your pieces.

Fashion is not about making another meaningless object. Fashion means hope. Expectations. Impatience. Genuine childish happiness when opening a beautiful gift box.

Fashion is an experience, a fantasy of which your product is a symbol. And it needs to be sold as such.

This week, think about your process and add a meaningful value to each step of your sales process to build a proper customer experience.

Happy week!


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