NEWS PICK- Do’s And Don’ts Of Getting Your Fashion Inspired From Africa

african model.jpg.png

Well this is hardly news since the article was published by Metro News following Valentino’s presentation of its African inspired collection in October 2015. However Fashion Lab Africa  recently brought it up again on Twitter and I thought it would be interesting to raise the topic once again.

In many sectors (and fashion is one of them), Africa is the next big thing and everybody wants to tap the $31 billion Africa opportunity as described by Business of Fashion in May 2015 – actually it is happening right now and since African/Black fashion is a very sensitive matter, I thought it would be interesting to go back to what went wrong.

Be sure to read this and find the right balance with your brand DNA before getting any further.

More here:

– Metro News article :

– Our interview on African Fashion:


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Published by Printsesy Bako Rambinintsoa

Descending from a Malagasy princely family deeply involved with high-end craft, Printsesy Bako Rambinintsoa is an entrepreneur, author of "The Fashion Business Plan", blogger and founder of Fashion Cross Functional, empowering fashion brands. Bako has helped fashion designers such as Sakina M'Sa with Front de Mode Paris reinforce their fashion businesses. Her motto: "Dream. Dare. Emerge"

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