BRANDING: How Strong Is Your Fashion Brand DNA?


Hi Guys,

we have been posting and talking a lot about fashion brand DNA these last weeks: why it is essential for your fashion business, how to use it to adjust you business strategy. 

We also shared six untold steps to help you create your fashion brand DNA from scratch!

So now it is time to see what you have learned.

Click the button below to test the power of your brand

button Fashion FXF - fashion brand DNA quiz

You do not understand your result? Drop us an e-mail with the answers you gave and we will discuss.


Did you like this quiz?

 Find out how you can get a better score. Get your copy of our free guide with the 5 steps to go through to create your fashion brand. It also includes a checklist to guide you through your fashion brand DNA definition.

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iPhone 6 Infinity Template


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