5 Awesome Things You’ll Learn From The Greatest Tennis Brands

Hey Fashion Designers, Wimbledon has started for a week, and I thought it would be a nice occasion to share 5 success factors that you can learn from the greatest brands that dress the players on the tennis courts during the last decades. Fred Perry and Lacoste were both created around the tennis world and […]

BRANDING: 6 Common Mistakes Designers Do When Defining Their Fashion Brand DNA

  Hello guys, Fashion brand DNA: what makes a brand unique. I’ve had some quite passionate discussions with some of you about the DNA of your fashion brand. Lots of the designers I exchange with now start understanding that this industry is not only about designing good looking pieces. Now you are more and more […]

BRANDING: How Strong Is Your Fashion Brand DNA?

Hi Guys, we have been posting and talking a lot about fashion brand DNA these last weeks: why it is essential for your fashion business, how to use it to adjust you business strategy.  We also shared six untold steps to help you create your fashion brand DNA from scratch! So now it is time […]

BRANDING – How To Create A Fashion Brand: 6 Untold Steps To Start From Scratch

Hi guys, I have a confession to make: a few years ago, I thought of launching a fashion brand myself.  So I started to look for information. I read books and books.  I attended a few classes given by fashion consultants.  I subscribed to tons of blogs.  But none of the information out there was […]

BRANDING: Why Use Fashion Movies To Enchant Your Customers

Photo: Michaela Bigjee Hi guys, In today’s post, we will discuss fashion and luxury videos. As you probably know, today’s customers respond better to video. Its use increases tremendously and is bound to go up even more: Cisco reports that by 2018, 69% of total internet traffic will be video. Besides it’s an excellent way to promote a brand : according to an Animoto Survey performed […]

BRANDING FOCUS: 6 essential PR basics for fashion brands

Source: GettyImages – Stone – Adrianna Williams Hi all, For today’s branding focus, I picked this interview of Rosie Davis (CEO of a London based agency) by Les Assorties. There are a few basics you can understand and sort out before going to a PR agency: Stay consistent through all the media and packaging used, from the message […]

BRANDING FOCUS: How to create brand awareness

Source: Gettyimages – Getty Images EntertainmentGareth Cattermole Hi all, My exchanges with designers this morning reminded me of this Imran Amed from Business of Fashion video about the basics of brand awareness creation. To summarize, the video outlines the necessity to have a good knowledge of your target customer in order to offer the adequate product The necessity to […]

BRANDING FOCUS: Essential steps to brand yourself in fashion

Source: Gettyimages – E+CoffeeAndMilk Hi all, In fashion, branding is key. It is the starting point for everything. So here is a fashionista.com article to help you build your personal branding in fashion. I especially emphasize that you need to target your message and not try to appeal to everyone. Besides, I also highly recommend to clearly […]

BRANDING: How to learn from Uber and use exclusive partnerships

Hi all, What could be more cross-functional than learning from best practices from another industry?  This is one of my favorite source of inspiration to improve a business. In this PSFK video, you will see a practical example of how Uber enhanced its brand using exclusive partnerships. Starting with the brand values first, they designed specific […]