CASH & FUNDING: The 4 Essential Points A Financier Checks In A Fashion Business Plan

Hello guys, You are live with fashion cross functional. Today is going to be about the 4 questions a financier asks himself when evaluating a fashion business plan. As you probably know, I used to work in audit and finance. And one of my missions was to evaluate company loan applications and to decide whether […]

CASH & FUNDING: The 3 Basics To Prepare Before Working On Your Fashion Business Plan

     Hey guys,   I wrote the fashion business plan book from the moment I started working for fashion designers. Originally though, I come from the auditing and finance sector. I have audited many companies across the globe. I actually practiced this for large international listed corporates, in the industrial and banking field. Especially […]

CASH & FUNDING: Raising Capital As A Fashion Brand

Hi guys, In today’s post we interview Rachel Chicheportiche, the President of the high-end accessories brand Jerôme Dreyfuss. It is an excerpt from our book, The Fashion Business Plan, that explains what makes a business plan in the fashion industry so specific and helps fashion designers write their very own business plan. Making soft and […]

CASH & FUNDING: 5 Lessons Emerging Designers Can Learn From Nasty Gal’s Bankruptcy

Hi guys, Probably like you these last few months, my newsfeed has been swamped with articles related to Nasty Gal’s bankruptcy. I do not know if it is because I watched the Girlboss TV show on Netflix:  maybe having the impression to share Sophia Amoruso’s joys and tears on screen made me care but reading […]

CASH & FUNDING: The 7 Steps to Write your Fashion Business Plan

Hi guys, We  have been talking a lot about fashion business plans lately. But what is it for? Why do you need it? and what is inside? The Business Plan: a courtesy for your investor When you apply for a job, you need to send a resume and your fashion portfolio to the recruiter and share […]

CASH & FUNDING: When To Make Your Financial Estimates?

Source: Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show – Laurent Jean Philippe – Creative Commons Hi Guys, Today’s post is going to  be short. After talking with a few fashion designer clients, I thought I would write about the timing when to start making your financial estimates. Making your financial projections is the last step to carry out in your business […]

CASH & FUNDING: How To Calculate The Startup Costs For Your Fashion Brand?

  Hi guys, today’s topic will cover the first step to begin with when making your financial projections to raise investment for your business. After you have thoroughly worked on your fashion brand identity, researched your market and defined your strategy, you are now ready to assess how much you will need for your whole concept to come […]

CASH & FUNDING: 11 facts about funding a fashion brand

Source: GettyImages – Getty Images Entertainment – Stuart C. Wilson Hi all, Today’s cash & funding resource comes from a lecture on the basics of startup financing given by Nina Faulhaber at the London College of Fashion. We picked this content because firstly it answers all the questions a fashion designer might ask (Do I have […]

CASH & FUNDING: 6 ideas to improve your luxury fashion business

Source: GettyImages – Getty Images Entertainment – Slaven Vlasic Hi all, Clients often call me to help them get a business plan done, expecting FXF to deliver financial projections and charts that will magically win investors over. And yet, when we do the preliminary review of their brand identity, their collection and their strategy, which are the […]

CASH & FUNDING: 12 Lessons from the Stella Valle pitch at Shark Tank

Source: Hi all, Presently preparing to coach a client for a pitch, I thought of a quick checklist I made out of one of the pitches I saw online. The accessory brand Stella Valle pitches at the TV Show Shark Tank. Mark Cuban and Lori Grenier both invested in the business for USD150,000 for a […]