MARKETING: The Basics Of Your Fashion Brand Marketing Strategy

Hi Guys, Start writing your marketing strategy by positioning your brand. Where would you be?   This step is key since your whole strategy (the quality of your products, your collection, your price points, your promotion and your distribution) will depend on your positioning. Remember our last article regarding Haute couture, before putting your brand […]

MARKETING: Criteria To Check Before Calling Yourself A Haute Couture Brand

Hi guys, today we are going to address a rather sensitive area. Nothing makes me loose interest faster in a brand than when I read its description self-labelling itself as a Haute Couture brand. I know how tricky it is to find your own brand segment. But you should be careful with the Haute Couture label and here’s […]

MARKETING: How Can A Small Fashion Brand Best Define Its Marketing Strategy?

Hi Guys, We know how being a small brand competing can feel challenging sometimes. You have the impression to compete against giants who have all the means to launch the campaign you can’t have to sell the clothes in the boutiques you don’t have. So you end up focusing on all the things you can’t or don’t have. […]

MARKETING : 7 secrets to sell luxury pieces

Hi all, after exchanging with a few customers who explained to me their strategy to get into the luxury market, I thought it would be good to write another article with a few key elements that work for that segment. Let’s assume your product is good enough to make the cut of the luxury standards. […]