Keep This In Mind When You Discount Your Fashion Designs

Hey fashion designers, We are in between seasons right now and you’re probably transiting slowly to the autumn. Maybe you’ve even unpacked your autumn collection and you’re trying hard to get rid of the spring/summer pieces left. So you think of discounting some items. I get it! You want to be profitable and still get […]

How To Plan Your Timeline When Launching Your Fashion Brand

Hello fashion designers,  if you plan to launch your fashion label in the near future, you’ve probably felt overwhelmed with all the tasks that need to be done. Or maybe you’ve already started but you are going back and forth, focusing on everything (…and nothing at the same time…let’s be honest….) Yes! Creating a fashion […]

Launching A Successful Fashion Brand As An Outsider

Arriving into the fashion sector when you don’t work in this industry can feel quite overwhelming. I remember the first time I acknowledged my desire to work in fashion. At that time, I kept watching movies and TV shows related to the industry of my dream. The Devil wears Prada, Confessions of a Shopaholic, Sex […]

CASH & FUNDING: Raising Capital As A Fashion Brand

Hi guys, In today’s post we interview Rachel Chicheportiche, the President of the high-end accessories brand Jerôme Dreyfuss. It is an excerpt from our book, The Fashion Business Plan, that explains what makes a business plan in the fashion industry so specific and helps fashion designers write their very own business plan. Making soft and […]