SALES: How To Best Sell Your Fashion Pieces Online

Hi Guys, As the State of Fashion report of 2017 noted, online sales in the fashion industry increased and are expected to keep growing in future years (+12% as of 2020). This is all fine and good but you’ll ask me: how can your fashion business benefit from this trend? This is exactly the subject of today’s article. We interviewed Juan A. Montilla, […]

NEWS PICK: How Retailers Can Find Which Technology To Use

Technology evoloved so fast, so many applications can be used. However how to decide which ones are worth investing in? Through the angle of the Customer of course. Key for retailers is to correctly identify their demographic and Customer and see which application enables to better “assisting them on their journey to discovering what they […]

DESIGNER TOOLBOX- 4 Key Advice To Sell Your Pieces In Paris

  Hi Guys, Paris Fashion Week ends this thursday. For those of you who followed the fashion week from far, you maybe wonder how to bring your brand to Paris and make it a success. Today we interviewed Valeria Diaz, Fashion Buyer of Paperlab, a concept store inside BHV Marais one of the most famous […]

SALES : The Ultimate Guide To Sell Fashion On The African Market

Hi guys, In an article of May 2015, Business of Fasshion deemed Sub-Saharan Africa’s combined apparel and footwear market was worth $31 billion, according to data modelled by Euromonitor. Opportunities arise. So in order to help fashion designers succeed into the African fashion market, FXF interviewed Dr. Karan Khurana, PhD, Assistant Professor at EiTEX, Bahir Dar University, […]

SALES: The Ultimate Checklist To Prepare Your Meeting With A Fashion Buyer

Hi Guys, Since many of you enjoyed our article explaining how to prepare a meeting with a fashion buyer, we summed up the key points in a checklist with 18 advice. Before the meeting: Understand the store Prepare this phase by researching information about the store on the internet, asking other people from the industry […]

SALES: The 6 Key Success Factors To Sell Fashion Online

  Hi Guys, Trends are unanimous: online shopping registers a massive growth (+22% as of February 2016) and outscores brick-and-mortar fashion businesses with a shift from 49% to 51% of total purchases in 2016. Launching an online fashion business is not only less costly but also more likely to grow. That is provided that you […]

SALES : How To Best Pitch Your Collection To A Fashion Buyer

Hi Guys, Designing  acohesive collection is not everyone’s cup of tea. Creating a link between your creative instincts and the consumer needs require skill.. But according to industry professionals that’s the easy part when it comes to selling fashion. Your actual challenge as a designer begins when you have to approach retail or fashion buyers […]

SALES: 7 Tips To Improve Your Sales Process And Sell Your Luxury Fashion Pieces

Source: Creative commons – Anya Kvitka (#6166) by mark sebastian Hi all, Exchanging with my clients made me realize how painful it was for them to go through the sales process. Is it because you made the piece and you fear others’ judgement ? Are you afraid that the price of your pieces may not reflect their inner […]

SALES: 6 elements to consider to enhance your online shop

Source: GettyImages – E+ – CoffeeAndMilk Hi all, it’s been observed for a few years now: online retail sales are regularly growing. An estimated +17% in Europe and +14% in the United States was lately announced for 2016. Hence for those who sell online, optimizing your shopping website becomes a key priority. Improving the customer experience in a user […]

SALES: 5 things to consider when calculating your sales price

Source: Gettyimages – E+CoffeeAndMilk Hi all, I found this new Startup Fashion resource with 5 things to remember when defining your sales price. I would add another element to this list: it is also key to be able to position your brand properly to fix a fair price, compared to your competitors. Enjoy!